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In July 2000, two founders of this new Web-hosting company are contemplating raising $5 million to $15 million in a second-round financing from venture capitalists. The task for the student is to forecast the firm's cash receipts and disbursements in an effort to determine the firm's "burn rate," i.e., the rate of cash consumption and how long the financing will sustain the firm. The new economy setting of this case permits the instructor to extend well-known financial skills and concepts to an industry that attracts high student-interest. This case is ideally used in an introductory finance course as an early exercise in forecasting, modeling, sensitivity analysis, and interpretation. It can be a useful foundation for later classes in cash-flow estimation and valuation. This case presumes that the students have already been exposed to the structure and interpretation of the statement of cash flows (SOCF), and the relationship of the SOCF to the income statement and balance sheet. The case also may offer opportunities for interdisciplinary teaching with instructors in marketing and entrepreneurship.

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