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Moore Medical Corp Case Solution

Case Solution

Moore Medical is a medium-sized distributor of medical supplies to practitioners, such as podiatrists and emergency medical technicians. At the time of the case, it has relied on traditional customer channels such as catalogs, phones, and faxes to communicate product offerings, promotions, and availability, and to take orders. It is now attempting to shift to a bricks and clicks distributor with a strong Internet presence. It has already made substantial investments in an e-commerce Web site and in back office ERP software to improve the fulfillment performance of its four distribution centers. The ERP software has not lived up to expectations in all areas, and the company must decide whether to invest in more modules for this system that might address its shortcomings. It must also decide whether to make a significant additional investment in customer relationship management software.

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Questions Covered

1. Should Moore purchase the demand planning module and why or why not? Remember to apply and refer to case specifics and concepts learned in pre-reading.

2. What is your assessment of Exhibit 8: Report on Customer Relationship Management System, which presumably was the basis for a request forproposal to Clarify? Be specific and explain each point using case facts/specifics and pre-reading concepts.