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Genzyme The Synvisc One Investment Decision Case Solution

Case Solution

The case is a dilemma of whether to engage in investment in a new medicine or not. With both pros and cons, ranging from the large financing required to approvals, and to eventual market launch, the decision is not an easy one for Genzyme. The number of injections, the treatment duration, and the dosage that the patient has to go through are all important factors in the decision. As part of the case and its analysis, the company’s top management has some important decisions to make: whether to go for clinical trial, arrange for financing, and how to counter international competition in the next few years. More importantly, develop a marketing strategy for Synvisc-One, a breakthrough product in the category of viscosupplements. The marketing strategy presented below, along with a course of action, is prepared while keeping in mind the relevant stakeholders: patients, politicians, payers, and physicians. 

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Questions Covered

1.       Executive Summary

2.       Analysis of the current situation

3.       Key Issues

4.       Objectives

5.       Marketing Strategies

6.       Action Plan

7.       Expected Results

8.       Control Mechanisms and Outlook