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Blue Man Group Creativity Life and Surviving an Economic Meltdown Case Solution

Case Solution

In 2008, Blue Man Group's three co-founders are facing the prospect of losing not just a business but a way of life they have built together. The case follows the story of Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton as they pursue their creative passion, and build the Blue Man Group from street performers to a performance arts empire with a global brand. The story has a personal as well as professional dimension to it, including the launch of the Blue School, to provide their and other people's children with the kind of education they wish they'd had. The immediate challenge is to find a way to survive a major economic downturn. The case is complemented by a video (HBS. No. 810-704) with co-founder commentary, and extensive live footage of Blue Man performances and the Blue School.

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Questions Covered

1. Has BMG show reached over saturation in the market place? Why or why not.

2. Identify BMG's purpose, vision and values and strategies. Are they clear and concise? Can BMG implement a strong go to market plan using them as a guide?

3. Intel helped launch BMG nationally in 2000. If BMG were opening their show in 2011: 

     A.  Identify 2-3 launch platforms that they might explore. Why would these be good tactical platforms? 

    B.  Describe their target audience in the early 1990’s and 2008?  Has their audience changed over the last 20 years?

4. BMG's goal is to expand beyond their theatrical shows.  Is their desire to expand into edutainment a good idea?  How does the current perception of the BMG brand help the expansion into "edutainment"? How would their target audience change?