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Pinnacle Ventures Case Solution

Case Solution

Describes a prospective "venture debt" loan to a new venture from the perspective of Patrick Lee, a principal at Pinnacle Ventures. Forces students to grapple with the nature of financial risk in the start-up firm and assess the prospective risks and returns to a lender to such a firm. To reach a perspective on these issues, students need to assess the existing pro forma cash flows of the venture backed firm, overlay the cash flow implications of a venture debt loan, and assess how much additional "runway" (months till cash runs out) the venture debt will provide. Students must also look at the prospective returns to the venture debt firm from the warrants and the option to invest in follow-on financings that is provided to Pinnacle as part of the loan. Thus, they must look at risk and return from the prospective of both parties. Also provides information on the returns to venture capital, venture debt, and other forms of private equity, and asks students to address the issue of what the risk and return in these various private equity asset classes has been and is likely to be.

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