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Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley A Case Solution

Case Solution

This analysis basically provides an insight into the performance review and appraisal of one of the Principal of Morgan Stanley, Rob Parson. Parson has produced exceedingly well business results for the company by giving a considerable boost to the Capital Market division, but there are some concerns regarding his behavior and attitude with his fellow colleagues. Parson has managed to increase the companies market share but by impairing and tweaking with the companies culture. Paul Nasr, his senior manager, is faced with a decision of either promoting Rob to the Managing Director position or of deferring his promotion for some time. This case analysis will provide an insight into the consequences of both the decisions by providing various perspectives.

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Questions Covered

1. What is your assessment of Rob Parson’s Performance? Should he be promoted?

2. Using the data in the case, please complete the evaluation and development summary presented in Exhibit 3 of the case.

3. If you were Paul Nasr, how would you plan to conduct the performance appraisal conversation? What would your goals be? What issues would you raise and why, and how would you raise them?

4. If you were Rob Parson, how would you conduct yourself in performance evaluation meeting? What are your goals? How would you try to influence the process?